I survived week 1.

I’ve been thinking about starting my PGCE Secondary English for weeks now, and I’ve been wishing my summer away, just wanting the 8th September to arrive so I can finally start my journey to becoming a teacher. At long last, the day arrived! I was at the uni at 8am, despite the first session not starting until 9.30am. Me and two other keen beans sat in the lecture hall, full of excitement and nerves. I was more nervous than I thought I’d be, as I realised how much this meant to me and how many years I’d been waiting for this moment. But I didn’t have too long to dwell in this before the hall started to fill up and I started to recognise faces from my interview. Then it was 9.30am and we were off!

I hate to admit, the first day was boring. 6 hours of welcome sessions, ‘introducing ourselves’ and being handed four trees worth of paperwork was tedious. I was anxious to just get going! Nevertheless, the tutors seem great (if a little scary – they admitted themselves that they can often come across as ‘unsupportive and threatening’ which is a bit worrying!) and I’ve met some lovely colleagues. There are 15 of us on secondary English (2 males, 13 females) and everyone has been so warm and friendly. I was a little surprised that almost all were older than me, in long-term relationships, some with children and a lot with a lot more teaching experience than me (cover teachers, TEFL teachers and LSAs). All great people though and I’m excited to spent this year with them. It’s only day 1 but I’ve already got assignments to be getting on with!

The rest of the week was similar, but a bit more interesting. It’s been a mix of professional studies sessions and subject study sessions, and while they’ve been engaging and useful, I’m finding it a bit dull to be stuck in the classroom. I’m itching to get in MY classroom! I start in school A on 29th September and I still don’t know which school I’m in yet. To be honest, I don’t really care – any school will be good experience! We’ve had a few talks about the changes to the National Curriculum in September 2015 – huge changes but I’m beginning to get a grip on them now and I’m grateful to be training this year when I can get lots of support on these changes.

Right, I’ve got a ton of work to be getting on with already! Got to write 3 links logs, a vision statement, a PDP, and fill in sections of my subject knowledge portfolio, got to contribute to a debate on moodle, prepare a presentation and complete A LOT of reading. It’s all good though and, as usual, I’m setting myself very high standards, so probably spending too long on everything but making sure it’s as good as it can be. Setting my alarm now for an early start so I can get a couple of hours in at the library before the first lecture tomorrow!